Randwick Conservation Area

In Spring 2022 the parish council engaged consultants to review the Randwick Conservation Area which was designated in 1990. Conservation areas are designated by the District Council when an area is recognised to have a special character or appearance worthy of protection. Randwick Conservation Area had not been reviewed since 1990.

Conservation Area No 36 Randwick 1990

The council commissioned Inspire Heritage Services, an external heritage consultant, to review the existing Randwick Conservation Area to help manage and protect the architectural and historic interest of the village, including its buildings, trees and open spaces – in other words, the features that make it unique.

Following a survey throughout the parish in Spring 2022 the consultants presented their draft at the Annual Parish Meeting in May.

Thanks are due to everyone who returned the survey form. The responses provided influenced the preparation of the appraisal. Parishioners will also be invited to provide further comment on the document itself during the period of statutory consultation by the local authority.

Within conservation areas there are greater restrictions over works which require planning permission. Applications for planning permission for new development in conservation areas are more rigorously assessed to consider whether proposals preserve or enhance the special character or appearance of the conservation area.

Randwick Conservation Area Appraisal as submitted to SDC

The next step in getting the planning authority to adopt the Conservation Area Statement as Supplementary Planning Advice. is to put it beforeSDC’s Environment Committee in Spring 2023.

Following that there will be further public consultation.

Once adopted, Stroud District Council will publish the document online, alongside other adopted conservation area statements, and it will become a material consideration.


Advice for planning applicants

Randwick Village Design Statement

Randwick Village Design Statement, which covers the whole Parish, has been adopted by Stroud District Council and is available from the SDC website by following this link.

Village Design Statement – Advice for planning applicants

Planning applicants are strongly recommended to consult this document and refer to it in applications.

Pre-application Community Involvement Protocol

Randwick Parish Council has adopted the Stroud District Council Pre-application Community Involvement Protocol to enable developers to consult with the local community.

The aim of this Protocol is to enable open, agreed and well-­structured working between communities, applicants/developers, local authorities and elected members in advance of planning applications, helping to deliver better quality development for all.

PDF Pre-application community development protocol

PDF Addendum for Randwick Parish

Applicants are invited to contact the Parish Council and attend one of the regular monthly meetings to outline plans.

Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL Reporting for Town and Parish Councils

Under the CIL Regulations 2010 the Parish Council must report annually on receipts and project expenditure in the previous financial year. In 2020/21 Randwick and Westrip Parish Council did not spend any CIL funding.

This has been formally reported to our local CIL charging authority Stroud District Council www.stroud.gov.uk.

RWPC CIL report 2021-22