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Parish broadband speed – average of 66Mbs…?

The parish council is aware that some residents have very – very – poor broadband connection; as such we are exploring options to see if this can be resolved.

The Council has been advised by Fastershire (partnership between Hereford Council & Gloucestershire County Council to help bring superfast broadband across the two counties) that: –

  • There are some 661 premises within the parish area that are receiving broadband;
  • 643 premises are recorded as getting greater than 30Mbps (Superfast);
  • 18 premises have less than 30Mbps the lowest speeds appear circa 16Mbps the majority are over 20Mbps;
  • Average download speed is 66.32 Mbps across the parish.

To help us gauge the download speeds actually experienced within the parish – as far as we are able to – we would be grateful if you could take time to email your broadband speed to:

  • with a postal address / postcode*;
  • and broadband speed;
  • if possible please use OOKLA ( – so we have ‘standard’ speed test to work from!

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your help!

Approaches to suppliers indicates that build plans for most of the parish are some way off; for Openreach – a date of December 2026 has been indicated – ‘subject to funding’.

We hope to present findings to the Parish Council in August 2022.

We will only keep your data for the purpose it was collected for and only for as long as is necessary. After which it will be deleted.

Winter – gritting roads in the parish

Every summer Gloucestershire County Council prepares for the possibility of snow and ice next winter.

GCC fills all its grit bins before the winter season but when it snows or freezes its priority is to keep the gritters on the road to clear the strategic routes.

Randwick and Westrip Parish Council needs volunteers especially in the Westrip and Humphreys Close areas of the parish who would be willing to store a few 25kg bags of grit and to spread grit on roads and pavements when needed in bad weather.

Bags of grit have to be ordered by the beginning of September.

If you can help please contact the clerk at Rising Sun Cottage, Randwick, GL6 6HT or emailing

or phoning 07803 373 678

Randwick Conservation Area Review

Draft conservation area appraisal

The council has received the draft appraisal from the consultants, who gave a presentation to parishioners at the Annual Parish Meeting on May 19th.

The council will consider the draft appraisal and recommendations at the June parish council meeting. After the parish council accepts the recommendations, including boundary changes, the document will be sent to the planning authority, Stroud District Council, for formal public consultation before adopting the Conservation Area Statement as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Parishioners who would like to comment on the draft are invited to attend the parish council meetings or contact the council by letter or email –

Randwick Conservation Area Appraisal Draft 9.5.22

Randwick Conservation Area Review consultation results April 2022

Further information below –

Part of the parish was designated as a conservation area in June 1990.

Conservation Area No 36 Randwick 1990

Conservation areas are designated by the District Council when an area is recognised to have a special character or appearance worthy of protection.

The draft review will be available at the Annual Parish Meeting, at 8pm on Thursday May 19th, at Randwick Village Hall, where Inspire Heritage Services will give a presentation about the conservation area.

Randwick and Westrip Parish Council commissioned Inspire Heritage Services, an external heritage consultant, to review the existing Randwick Conservation Area. The review will help to manage and protect the architectural and historic interest of the village, including its buildings, trees and open spaces – in other words, the features that make it unique.

Thank you to everyone who returned the survey form.

The responses you provided will influence the preparation of the appraisal. You will also be invited to provide further comment on the document itself during a period of statutory consultation by the local authority.

Once completed the draft document will be forwarded to Stroud District Council to undertake formal consultation prior to adoption as Supplementary Planning Guidance. Conservation area designation has statutory consideration in planning decisions.

Within conservation areas there are greater restrictions over works which require planning permission. Applications for planning permission for new development in conservation areas are more rigorously assessed to consider whether proposals preserve or enhance the special character or appearance of the conservation area. Randwick Conservation Area has not been reviewed since 1990.

Warning – Malicious email – a spoofing / phishing attempt.

There has been a report about a false email using the address with a message asking people to click on an attachment.

Randwick and Westrip Parish Council will never ask you to click on an attachment.

The email has ‘spoofed’ the council’s address and contains a false sender address.

(‘Spoofing’ is sending an email that pretends to come from a known, trusted source but is from a disguised, malicious source.)

If you receive a phishing email please forward it to The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will investigate it.

Randwick and Westrip Parish Council will never ask you to click on an attachment in an email.

Unrecorded rights of way

GCC Public Rights of Way team has notified parish councils of a change in legislation which means that certain unrecorded rights of way might shortly be lost.

“You might be aware of historic tracks and ways within your parish which are perhaps no longer used on a daily basis but are considered to be part of your parish’s history. You should know that if these ways are not currently shown on the official records of rights of way, they could be permanently closed off in 2026 by the owner of the land over which they cross. It is important therefore that these routes are protected now.

For more information and to check recorded rights of way follow the link.

Update: May 2022.

The 2026 deadline for registering historic paths is to be abolished in England, the Government has confirmed.

The news has been welcomed by the Ramblers, who said the move would give more time to save the most important and useful paths.

A statement from DEFRA said: ‘We will repeal the 2026 cut-off date for recording historic rights of way, as set out in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, to allow more time for paths to be identified and added to the public rights of way network.’

Unrecorded rights of way

Elections May 2021

There are 9 seats on Randwick and Westrip Parish Council, in three wards. As the number of candidates was equal to or less than the number of seats available Alun Davies, Richard Huxford, Matthew Reed, Robert Davies, Deborah Smith and Michael Woods have been duly elected without a contest.

The council has filled the vacant seats by co-option.

Mrs Elisabeth Newman, Mrs Jo Boldero and Mrs Sara Tucker have been co-opted to serve until the next elections in 2025.

Randwick Ward has 4 councillors, Randwick South West Ward 3 councillors and Randwick South East Ward 2 councillors. There is a link to a map of the parish wards on the page ‘How to join the Council’.

Elections for District and County Councillors May 2021

John Bloxsom was elected as the County Councillor for the Rodborough Division.

Susan Williams was elected as the County Councillor for the Bisley Painswick Division.

Jonathan Edmunds was re-elected as District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe Ward.

Annual Audit

The Audit for 2021/22 has been completed. (June 16th 2022)

Under the 2014 Local audit and Accountability Act each year the parish council prepares the Annual Governance and Accountability Return.

Since neither the council’s annual income nor the annual expenditure exceed £25,000 the council has declared itself exempt from external audit. Accounts and audit papers are available on the page “Accounts and Audits”.

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return 21-22

Environmental Plan for the Parish

In order to help preserve Randwick & Westrip for the future the Parish Council has created an environmental plan of the parish. This includes sites of special interest of varying types, both natural and man-made. Examples include buildings of note, areas where there are valued wild plants or insects, or areas created by community projects etc.

The plan is on the page Council Documents.

If you are aware of anything which you believe should be included please contact us either by emailing or by coming along to a council meeting.

Planning – Pre-application community involvement protocol

Randwick Parish Council, working with Stroud District Council, has adopted this protocol to help developers to consult with the local community.

The aim of this Protocol is to enable open, agreed and well-­structured working between communities, applicants/developers, local authorities and elected members in advance of planning applications, helping to deliver better quality development for all.


application_pdfPDF SDC pre-application community involvement protocol

application_pdfPDF Addendum for Randwick Parish