Stroud District Council

Your District Councillors represent you on Stroud District Council.

The District Council is responsible for local services including planning, council housing, and rubbish collection.

Jonathan Edmunds (Green Party) District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe, represents Randwick Parish’s Randwick and Randwick South East Wards and can be contacted by email. Randwick South West Ward is part of Stroud District Council’s Cainscross Ward and is represented on Stroud District Council by Councillors Fraser Dahdouh, Elizabeth Stanley and Dave Matthews.

Email Jonathan Edmunds

Councillors can be also contacted by visiting

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Gloucestershire County Council

Your County Councillor represents you on Gloucestershire County Council.

The County Council is responsible for local services including education, social services, transport, roads (except trunk roads and motorways), public rights of way and libraries.

The County Councillor for the Parish’s Randwick Ward  and Randwick South West Ward is Sue Williams, the County Councillor for the Bisley and Painswick Division.

The County Councillor for the Parish’s Randwick South East Ward is John Bloxsom, the County Councilor for the Rodborough Division.

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Inform Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire County Council has launched the new Inform web site.

Inform Gloucestershire is designed as an information portal that provides statistics about Gloucestershire for researchers, policy makers, commerce, industry and the general public.
The site contains a large and up to date range of information on the demography, economy and environment of Gloucestershire. – Inform Gloucestershire