Our community is facing another challenge.

The Parish Council would like to help ensure we are as prepared and resilient as possible.

We know our community is already pulling together.

Neighbours are checking on each other, offering reassurance and practical support such as:

• Shopping • Picking up prescriptions • Putting out bins • Posting a letter • Taking in a parcel • Walking the dog •

We want to help by coordinating your efforts to make sure that everyone who needs help gets help.

If you can help out in your area:

Call 0771 888 8836 or 01453 755540


Email: Cllr.shaun.egan@randwickandwestrip-pc.gov.uk

Please call or email and give us your phone number and address. We will keep a list of volunteers. When we receive a request for help near your area, we will pass it on to you.

For more information please read this Covid-19-Let’s Take Action Togetehr!

People can now register to the county’s community help hub by calling 01452 583519 Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm, as well as online at http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/helphub