The Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15 pm alternating meetings between Randwick Village Hall and Cashes Green School. Agendas and minutes of meetings will be published here.

At each meeting there is a Public Forum. Parishioners are invited to ask the Parish Council questions about issues on this agenda or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman. Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council meeting itself.

Agendas and  minutes will be published here.

January 20th        Randwick Village Hall

Agenda January 2022

Minutes January 20th 2022

February 17th       Cashes Green School

Agenda February 2022

Minutes February 17th 2022

March 17th           Randwick Village Hall

Agenda March 2022

Minutes March 17th 2022

April 21st             Cashes Green School

The Area Ranger for the National Trust will attend the meeting to speak about the long barrow in Randwick woods.

Agenda April 2022

Minutes April 21st 2022

May   19th         Randwick Village Hall

The May meeting will be followed at 8pm by the Annual Parish Meeting.

Agenda for the annual meeting of the parish council May 2022

Draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2022

Minutes May 19th 2022

Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting May 19th 2022 at 8pm

June 16th             Cashes Green School    

Agenda June 2022           

Minutes June 16th 2022

July 21st           Randwick Village Hall    

Agenda July 2022

Minutes July 21st 2022

August 18th          Cashes Green School         

Agenda August 2022     

Minutes August 18th 2022

September 15th   Randwick Village Hall    

Agenda September 2022

Following the death of the Queen the meeting which was scheduled during the period of national mourning has been cancelled. The next full council meeting will now be held on Thursday the 20th of October and the business for September will be carried over. 

October 20th        Cashes Green School    

Agenda October 2022          

Minutes October 2022

November 17th    Randwick Village Hall   

Agenda November 2022 

Minutes November 17th 2022

December 15th      Cashes Green School

Agenda December 2022

Minutes December 15th 2022