The Local Government Boundary Commission Review has been completed

Parish Council submission finally accepted

In 2014 The Local Government Boundary Commission started a review of electoral wards in Stroud District. Among the proposals was a change to the wards for Randwick Parish.

Randwick was then divided into two wards for parish council elections, Randwick (Randwick Ward) returning 4 councillors, each representing about 120 electors and Cainscross (Lower Westrip Ward) returning 5 councillors, each representing about 140 electors.

The Commission’s aims were to provide “good electoral equality, with each councillor representing, as closely as possible, the same number of voters” and proposed three wards for Randwick – Randwick returning 7 members , Randwick South East – 1 member and Randwick South West – 1 member.

The Parish Council looked closely at the numbers of electors in the proposed areas of the Parish and pointed out that this would mean that the 7 councillors for Randwick would each represent 74 electors, 1 councillor for Randwick South East would represent 405 electors, and 1 councillor for Randwick South West would represent 268 electors.

The Parish Council submitted an alternative of Randwick returning 4 members, Randwick South West 3 members and Randwick South East 2 members, which would mean that each of the nine councillors would represent about 130 electors – a fair distribution.

In July the Commission dismissed this as “unpersuasive”. Since the Parish Council’s proposals were clearly fairer the Council continued to lobby the Commission, which finally agreed to alter its proposals.
For elections from May 2020, Randwick and Westrip Parish will be re-arranged into three wards as above but with the fairer number of councillors in each ward.