Advice for planning applicants

Randwick Village Design Statement

Randwick Village Design Statement, which covers the whole Parish, has been adopted by Stroud District Council and is available from the SDC website by following this link.

Village Design Statement – Advice for planning applicants

Planning applicants are strongly recommended to consult this document and refer to it in applications.

Pre-application community involvement protocol

Randwick Parish Council has adopted the Stroud District Council Pre-application Community Involvement Protocol to enable developers to consult with the local community.

The aim of this Protocol is to enable open, agreed and well-­structured working between communities, applicants/developers, local authorities and elected members in advance of planning applications, helping to deliver better quality development for all.

PDFPDF Pre-application community development protocol

PDFPDF Addendum for Randwick Parish

Applicants are invited to contact the Parish Council and attend one of the regular monthly meetings to outline plans.