Before the pandemic restrictions the council met on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15 pm. The council will meet online until restrictions are lifted.

Agendas and minutes will be published here.

January 16th      Randwick Village Hall    

Minutes January 16th 2020

Agenda January 16th 2020

February 20th       Cashes Green School                

Agenda February 2020

Minutes February 20th 2020

March 19th        Randwick Village Hall    

Minutes March 19th 2020

April 16th             Meeting cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.              

May 21st          Meeting cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.    

June 17th              Meeting held online.  

Agenda June 2020

Draft Minutes June 17th 2020

Future meetings: The council will not meet again in public until restrictions are lifted.

Until May 7th 2021 parish council meetings may be held at such an hour and day as the council may determine without requirement for further notice. Parish councils can alter the frequency, move or cancel such meetings without requirement for further notice. The initial obligation to provide three clear days’ notice of pc meetings will continue.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday July 15th at 7 pm.

The agenda and information about public access to the meeting will be published here.

   As permitted by the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 No.392 this meeting will be conducted “online”.