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Casual vacancy

Councillor James Holder has resigned so there is a vacancy for a councillor for the Randwick ward of the parish. The vacancy will filled by the council co-opting a volunteer.

Please will you help the community by serving as a councillor?

To qualify your name must appear on the current electoral register – or you should have lived in or within three miles of the parish during the whole of the last twelve months – or your only place of work during the whole of the last twelve months was in the parish.

If you would like to be considered for co-option please email by September 16th with a brief personal statement explaining what experience and skills you would bring to the council  and you will be invited to speak at the council meeting on September 19th.

The Parish Council normally meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7.15pm. The new Councillor will hold office until the next local elections in May 2020.

Survey – reducing your climate impact

District Councillor Jonathan Edmunds has asked the parish council to publish this link –

PLEASE HELP  – Transition Stroud is doing an online survey to be able to advise Stroud District Council on the practical barriers people in Stroud District experience in reducing their climate impact. Please help by filling in the survey and sharing it with friends in the District

Annual audits 2018/19

May 2019

The Annual External Audit for 2018/19 is due.

Each year the Parish Council’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) needs to be reviewed by an external auditor appointed by Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments Ltd.

Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounting records for the financial year to which the audit relates.

The period for inspection starts on Monday June 17th.

Full details of public rights are available on the page “Accounts and Audits Page”.

The External Auditor’s Certificate and other papers will be published later in the summer on the “Accounts and Audits” page.

Environmental Plan for the Parish

In order to help preserve Randwick & Westrip for the future the Parish Council is going to create an environmental plan of the parish. This is to include sites of special interest of varying types, both natural and man-made. Examples could include buildings of note, areas where there are valued wild plants or insects, or areas created by community projects etc.

If you are aware of anything which you believe should be included please contact us either by emailing me at or by coming along to a council meeting.

Revised Parish Electoral Arrangements

The Local Government Boundary Commission Review has been completed

Parish Council submission finally accepted

In 2014 The Local Government Boundary Commission started a review of electoral wards in Stroud District. Among the proposals was a change to the wards for Randwick Parish.

Randwick was then divided into two wards for parish council elections, Randwick (Randwick Ward) returning 4 councillors, each representing about 120 electors and Cainscross (Lower Westrip Ward) returning 5 councillors, each representing about 140 electors.

The Commission’s aims were to provide “good electoral equality, with each councillor representing, as closely as possible, the same number of voters” and proposed three wards for Randwick – Randwick returning 7 members , Randwick South East – 1 member and Randwick South West – 1 member.

The Parish Council looked closely at the numbers of electors in the proposed areas of the Parish and pointed out that this would mean that the 7 councillors for Randwick would each represent 74 electors, 1 councillor for Randwick South East would represent 405 electors, and 1 councillor for Randwick South West would represent 268 electors.

The Parish Council submitted an alternative of Randwick returning 4 members, Randwick South West 3 members and Randwick South East 2 members, which would mean that each of the nine councilors would represent about 130 electors – a fair distribution.

In July the Commission dismissed this as “unpersuasive”. Since the Parish Council’s proposals were clearly fairer the Council continued to lobby the Commission, which finally agreed to alter its proposals.
For elections from May 2016, Randwick and Westrip Parish will be re-arranged into three wards as above but with the fairer number of councillors in each ward suggested by the Parish Council – four for Randwick and five for Westrip.

Planning – Pre-application community involvement protocol

Randwick Parish Council, working with Stroud District Council, has adopted this protocol to help developers to consult with the local community.

The aim of this Protocol is to enable open, agreed and well-­structured working between communities, applicants/developers, local authorities and elected members in advance of planning applications, helping to deliver better quality development for all.


application_pdfPDF SDC pre-application community involvement protocol

application_pdfPDF Addendum for Randwick Parish