Casual vacancy August 2019

A councillor is needed to serve on Randwick and Westrip Parish Council to replace a member of the council who has resigned.

Please will you help the community by serving as a councillor?

To qualify your name must appear on the current electoral register – or you should have lived in or within three miles of the parish during the whole of the last twelve months – or your only place of work during the whole of the last twelve months was in the parish.

If you would like to be considered for co-option please email by September 16th with a brief personal statement explaining what experience and skills you would bring to the council and you will be invited to speak at the council meeting on September 19th.

The Parish Council normally meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7.15pm. The new Councillor will hold office until the next local elections in May 2020.

Casual vacancy January 2018

Cllr Chris Smith resigned. There was no call for an election and the Council advertised for applicants for co-option. There were three volunteers and on a vote the Council appointed Alexander Egan.

Parish Council Elections May 2016

Elections were uncontested. The Council appointed four more councillors in May 2016.
There are two wards in Randwick Parish – Randwick Ward and Randwick (Lower Westrip) Ward.

There are 4 councillors for Randwick Ward and 5 councillors for Lower Westrip Ward
Marina Fontenla, James Holder and Chris Smith were elected to Randwick Ward. Cheryl Byford was co-opted.

Shaun Egan and Matt Reed were elected to Lower Westrip Ward. Debbi Smith, Robert Davies and Mike Woods were co-opted.

Chris Smith resigned and the position was filled by co-option. Alexander Egan was co-opted in February 2018.