Casual vacancy January 2018

Cllr Chris Smith resigned. There was no call for an election and the Council advertised for applicants for co-option. There were three volunteers and on a vote the Council appointed Alexander Egan.

Parish Council Elections May 2016

Elections were uncontested. The Council appointed four more councillors in May 2016.
There are two wards in Randwick Parish – Randwick Ward and Randwick (Lower Westrip) Ward.

There are 4 councillors for Randwick Ward and 5 councillors for Lower Westrip Ward
Marina Fontenla, James Holder and Chris Smith were elected to Randwick Ward. Cheryl Byford was co-opted.

Shaun Egan and Matt Reed were elected to Lower Westrip Ward. Debbi Smith, Robert Davies and Mike Woods were co-opted.

Chris Smith resigned and the position was filled by co-option. Alexander Egan was co-opted in February 2018.