Village Design Statement

Work started on the Design Statement in 2010 and was followed by a display at the Wap and a questionnaire based on the Parish Plan. The Design Statement has been adopted by Stroud District Council, the Planning Authority, as Supplementary Planning Advice.

If you would like a copy of the Design Statement please follow the link

Randwick Design Statement – Supplementary Planning Guidance

Annual accounts and audits

The Council’s accounts for 2016/17 have been audited by the Council’s Internal Auditor and the External Auditor. The External Auditor’s responsibility is to review the Annual Return in accordance with guidance issued by the National Audit Office on behalf of the Comptroller and Auditor General.

These documents are displayed under the DCLG transparency code for smaller authorities.

The Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statements, Internal Auditor’s Report and bank reconciliations, which form part of the Annual Return sent to the External Auditor, are available here.

Accounting statements 2016:17

Annual Governance Statement 2016:17

Internal Audit Report Bank reconciliation March 2017

Bank reconciliation March 2017

Expenditure of £100 or more

The Council’s receipts and payments account for 2016/17 is available below.It has been audited by the Council’s Internal Auditor

Receipts & payments account 2016-17

List of Assets Land and Buildings

Randwick Parish Plan

Randwick Parish Plan is a comprehensive plan for the future of the Parish, which informs and guides the Council’s decisions.

A synopsis of the findings and action plan (The Parish Plan Digest) was delivered to every household in the parish in October 2006 and updated in 2007.

PDFPDF Action Plan Priorities

PDFPDF Randwick Parish Plan

GRCC Case Study – Randwick Parish Plan

What has happened since the Parish Plan was drawn up?

PDFPDF GRCC Case Study – Randwick Parish Plan

Freedom of Information Act

Randwick Parish Council has adopted the Information Commissioner’s
model publication scheme.

PDFPDF Freedom of Information scheme

Complaints Policy

PDFPDF Randwick Parish Council Complaints Policy

Register of Members’ interests

Councillors are required to register their disclosable pecuniary interests.

Copies of councillors’ declarations of interest are available by clicking on the links below.

PDFPDF Matt Reed

PDFPDF Shaun Egan

PDFPDF James Holder

PDFPDF Deborah Smith

PDFPDF Robert Davies

PDFPDF Mike Woods

PDFPDF Alejandra Fontenla

Cheryl Byford

Alexander Egan