We received this from Whiteshill –

Dear Community, Neighbours and Villagers,

Can you doodle, write or draw?

Art in the time of coronavirus 2020

I am writing to you about art. Yes really, about art, in the time of coronavirus!

What I would really like to do is to put up huge canvases in the Village Hall, (Whiteshill) the Chapel Sunday School rooms and the Scout Hut and invite people to drop in and make your mark so that we have a pictorial/word diary of our community’s response to Covid 19. (Marks are doodles, words, speech bubbles, images, colours or gestures of your thoughts and feelings.)

Sadly none of those places are open at the moment, so I am inviting you do this at home on your own or with your family.

You don’t have to be good at art! Pin stick people, finger painting, doodling and random words are fine. So are collage, sewing and knitting, clay modelling, weaving (easy to do on sticks from the woods and a piece of string.) It’s about what YOU are experiencing and about having a way to express your feelings about this unusual time which may be helpful and educational for future generations.

If you keep the words and images safe, when it is over we could have an exhibition, about how our communities responded to the pandemic and lockdown…and we could invite someone from the Stroud News and Journal.

It’s helpful to date or number your work so that you can see your own journey from week to week.

Will you join me? Please find the attachment which gives some ideas about how to begin the project.

Good wishes to you all, stay safe and well.


If you are interested you can contact me at: corona.artrrw@gmail.com

Coronavirus art project 2020 how to do it

Update – April 22nd

Corona art canvas suggestions 2020