Stroud District Council – Community Governance Review – February 2019

The Draft Recommendations for the Community Governance Review of the Stroud District have been published today February 18th 2019.  All information, including a summary and the submissions received can be found on the SDC website at –
The consultation period ends on the 6 May 2019 and SDC is encouraging residents to respond to the review.
The review considered whether existing parish arrangements should be changed in any way, including

altering the boundaries of existing parishes;

changing the names of existing parishes;

creating a new parish or abolishing an existing parish;

altering the electoral arrangements for parish councils (including the number 
of Councillors and arrangements for parish warding);

the grouping or de-grouping of parish councils (and consequential 
changes to their electoral arrangements.

Randwick and Westrip Parish Council’s submission was to inform SDC that it preferred to retain the current arrangement of the Parish into two wards, but that if that was not acceptable Randwick and Westrip Parish Council would support the division of the Parish into three wards with the ratios of electors to councillors accepted by The Local Government Boundary Commission in 2015.  (See the information about the LGBCE review below).

There are currently 4 councillors for Randwick Ward and 5 councillors for Lower Westrip Ward.

The review proposal is for Randwick and Westrip Parish to be divided into 3 wards –

Randwick Ward – 4 Councillors
Randwick South East Ward – 2 Councillors
Randwick South West Ward – 3 Councillors

The review recommendations are explained in full in the documents on the SDC website, including the reasons why Randwick and Westrip needs to change from two wards to three. There is a map showing the new ward boundaries at –

Next elections are in 2020.